‘Waste not, want not’ — my acrylic painting technique continues

Step 4 of my acrylic painting technique: ‘Waste not, want not’

This is the fourth in my acrylic painting technique, ‘waste not, want not’ blog series . You can see the progress of this painting from the beginning in Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3.

This where I left off in my last post (step 3-b). The gel is now dry.

Step 3-b of painting #1
Step 3-b of painting #1

Painting #1, step 4

I want something colorful, but a little unexpected. I choose Quinacridone Magenta, Quinacridone Azo Gold and Pthalo Blue. These are my usual ‘go to’ colors. I love the way they work together. Particularly the way they all mix together. To keep it brighter, I also added the Hansa Yellow that I used on the base and Quinacridone Red. To get the ‘unexpected’ look I’m after, I decide to go ‘against the grain’ laid down so far, and paint blocks of color instead (step 4-a).

Step 4-a of my abstract painting technique
Painting #1, step 4-a

So that there are some opaque areas, I lay down a few swaths of white and then add a few more layers of colors (step 4-b).

Step 4-b of my acrylic painting technique
After step 4b

Then I take some titanium white and lightly run it across the top of the ridges left by the gel (step 4-c). This isn’t photographing well under these conditions.

I really like this and was expecting to feel that it was done at this point, but something is ‘missing.’ It needs something more, but don’t know just what … yet. I put this piece on the side and start working on Painting #2 in this process and discover what is missing here.  Step five … coming up in the next blog.

After sep 4-c pf my acrylic painting technique
Painting #1, after step 4-c.