About Bobbie Ann Pimm

Bobbie Ann Pimm, dreamer … and more! 

Bobbie Ann Pimm

My abstract art

I love to paint and hope my art brings a little joy to others.

Concerned about the environment, I try to be conscientious when I paint. I won’t use any paints that use heavy metals in the pigments because they are not eco-friendly; and I recycle and reuse whenever I can.

For instance, I sometimes incorporate used paper towels and dried paint skins from my palette into my creations. In addition, I re-use items that would normally be thrown out as painting tools and ‘brushes’. I also treat all of my brush water before disposing it to keep the pigments and binders from entering the waterways.

My lamps and home decor items

Recently, I took my 2-dimensional artwork into 3 dimensions when I took an acrylic skin and wrapped it around an empty wine bottle. I loved it so much that I turned it into a lamp. Since then I created several more lamps as well as nightlights and vases using recycled bottles– and I opened my PimmCreations etsy shop.

My Blog

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Dreamworking Influences On My Art

You’ll notice that my work covers many different techniques and styles because I love to explore new territory. Each piece is a new exploration. It’s like interpreting a dream — you need to explore the imagery and metaphors to understand it. However, there is a thread that weaves them all together — most of my ‘explorations’ have multiple layers. The colors and application techniques may vary, but each piece has many layers. Some are transparent, some opaque and some you can only sense or feel the texture. Each layer adds nuance and together they make a synergistic and (hopefully) beautiful whole.

When I first started painting, making all these layers was not a conscious decision and I wasn’t aware of why I was creating them. After months of painting, I realized what I was doing and asked myself why? (A habit I developed from my dreamworking.) It occurred to me that the multiple layers of my paintings are a reflection of the multiple layers of the Self.

We all have conscious and unconscious layers and walls of protection that we construct. Dreamworking reveals these layers and allows us to really see ourself as we truly are — the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. It’s all there, waiting to be peeled away and accepted for what it is. All these layers make us who we are.

In my paintings, I am, metaphorically, inviting you to look closer at these many layers. How many layers can you see through? What is being covered up and what is being revealed? Will you take the time to look a little closer and see what lays beneath? Do you see me? Take a closer look … perhaps you will see yourself.

Please feel free to Contact Me if you have any questions about a particular piece or if you would like to commission something special. As I said, I love to try something new, so if you have an idea, please ask.

For more info about dreamworking, please check out my Notes from a Dreamer … on Dreaming website.